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ContractApp is the all in one platform that can generate, manage and simplify the entire lifecycle of each contract for businesses and customers.

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All your projects in One Place

Use ContractApp to manage all your projects. We take care of Contract Generation, Signatures, Uploaded Documents, Conversations and much more.

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Designed for businesses and clients who require more

Here you will find solutions that can help you create more secure contracts, manage signatures and organize your projects with one simple and intuitive tool.

Contract Generation

Use our AI to quickly generate legally binding contracts for any business transaction.

Log System

Protect yourself with our innovative log system and have all your updates in one place.


Centralize all conversations and milestones between contract parties with our chat system.

Track Payments and Expenses

Track your payments and all costs related to the projects.

Upload Files

Upload any project files related to your contract and save it forever.

Digital Signatures

Handle and protect your contract’s signatures with our encrypted signature tool.

Innovative concepts to create ultimate digital protection

With ContractApp you will save time and money. Use our AI tool to generate your contracts and record every step related to your project in one easy to use platform. Establishing absolute transparency for both parties involved in any business exchange.

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Unlimited Projects and Contracts

You can generate an unlimited number of projects and contracts with no restrictions.

Track the Entire Lifecycle of your Contract

ContractApp enables real-time change orders, payment requests and tracking, seamless communication among all parties, and easy conversion of live logs and chats into downloadable PDFs.

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The ideal choice for businesses and clients seeking a complete solution.


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AI Contract Generation

Project Chat

Upload & Manage documents


Digital Live Log

Cloud Service

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Follow our road map

Explore the upcoming stages and planned features in store for ContractApp!

  1. ContractApp 1.0

    Release of the first version of the ContractApp, with AI Contract generation and other features to manage your contracts and projects.
  2. Businesses and Client Directory

    Browse our directory to find trustworthy clients and businesses. Gain access to a curated list of highly qualified professionals and clients within ContractApp.
  3. Analytics

    Measure your payments, projects completed, ongoing contract information and the success rate of your business!
  4. Audible Transcribing Tool

    Have the capability to record and transcribe in person conversations with your client that will be recorded and logged on your contract dashboard. Eliminating the potential for any in person verbal miscommunication.
  5. Mobile App

    Access the complete ContractApp system conveniently through our integrated mobile application.
  6. Escrow Account

    Imagine having an Escrow account, where you can receive or pay when the contract milestones are completed. Or withdraw your funds if a dispute arises.
  7. More features coming Soon!

Frequently asked questions

How can I use ContractApp to manage my services?

ContractApp offers a range of features allowing you to create your service contract, facilitate digital signatures from all parties, handle crucial project documents, communicate with project stakeholders, request changes, payments, and much more!

Who can use ContractApp?

As you begin constructing your contract, you'll quickly realize that you can generate a contract tailored to any industry. You have the flexibility to choose from our list of predefined industries or input the specific industry you require.

What do you mean by "Contract Generation"?

Once you've signed up, you can begin creating your contract. Our AI utilizes the information you provide in this form to generate a unique service contract for your needs. Additionally, we offer a signature system that enables both parties involved in the contract to digitally sign the generated agreements.

What are the "Digital Live Logs"?

Whenever there is communication in the project chat, a new file is uploaded, or a project achieves a milestone, a new "Live Log" entry is generated. These logs are carefully archived in our database to provide comprehensive tracking of all project activities and records. This robust tracking system has been put in place to protect project-related data and ensure diligent monitoring, benefiting all parties involved.

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